Best BTS Discord Servers (2023)

Best BTS Discord Servers (2023)

As one of the most successful and influential bands in the world, BTS has skyrocketed to fame with its unique blend of K-pop, hip hop, and R&B. The seven-member South Korean band has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, thanks to their outstanding music, vibrant performances, and genuine connections with their audience. A global sensation, BTS has not only revolutionized the music industry but has also created a devoted fanbase known as the 'ARMY.' This powerful fanbase communicates, shares, and connects on various social platforms, including Discord.

Top 10 BTS Discord Servers:

Karaoke Discord Server

The Karaoke Discord Server is a haven for those who love to express their passion for BTS through singing. With over 15,000 members, it's a bustling community where you can find ARMY members singing their hearts out to BTS tunes at any time. Regular events are a highlight of this server, including karaoke nights and singing competitions with BTS-themed prizes. The server's popularity lies in its commitment to fostering a safe and friendly environment for members to showcase their talent, regardless of their skill level. For a Discord user, this server not only provides an opportunity to connect with fellow BTS fans but also nurtures their singing prowess.

Euphoria BTS Server

The Euphoria BTS Server is known for its vibrant and welcoming community of over 20,000 members. Its name, inspired by the BTS song 'Euphoria,' truly reflects the joyous and positive vibe of the server. Euphoria BTS hosts several fan activities like streaming parties, game nights, and album discussions. Their regular "ARMY Bombs" events, where users simultaneously stream a BTS song to boost its charts ranking, are particularly popular. For a Discord user, this server offers the chance to actively participate in BTS fandom while enjoying a sense of belonging in a positive community.


Home to 25,000 BTS fans, the FHEARTS Server is renowned for its deep engagement with BTS content. The server offers separate channels for each BTS member, where fans can share related content and discussions. A standout feature of this server is its BTS trivia events, where fans test their knowledge about the band, its music, and its members. Other popular events include fanart contests and charity drives in the name of BTS. By joining FHEARTS, a Discord user becomes part of a passionate community dedicated to celebrating BTS and the positive impact they make.

Mist Server

A popular choice among international ARMY, the Mist Server boasts a membership of over 30,000 from all corners of the globe. The server provides spaces for fans to discuss their shared love for BTS in various languages. The Mist Server also hosts international watch parties for BTS music videos and concerts, ensuring that every fan, regardless of their location, can participate. The server's active community and the shared passion for BTS make it an ideal place for a Discord user looking for a globally inclusive experience.

K-Cosmo Server

The K-Cosmo Server is another large BTS community, with over 20,000 members. As a hub for K-pop enthusiasts, K-Cosmo has a significant emphasis on BTS due to their global impact. The server features regular BTS-themed events, including music video viewing parties and song release countdowns. K-Cosmo also facilitates music and lyric analysis discussions, allowing members to delve deeper into BTS's artistry. If you are a Discord user with an interest in broader K-pop culture while maintaining a focus on BTS, K-Cosmo is the place for you.

ARMY House Server

The ARMY House Server lives up to its name by providing a virtual home to over 18,000 BTS fans. Known for its supportive community, ARMY House holds regular events that cater to a wide range of interests, from BTS-themed Dungeons and Dragons campaigns to workout routines inspired by the band members. ARMY House encourages positive interaction among fans, making it a welcoming and inclusive platform for any BTS-loving Discord user.

Tae-Ddy Server

The Tae-Ddy Server is a server dedicated to celebrating Kim Taehyung, also known as V, one of the members of BTS. With around 15,000 members, this server has special events centered around V's music releases and his birthdays. They even host charity drives in V's name. If you're a Discord user and a big fan of V, the Tae-Ddy server can offer you a space to connect with likeminded ARMY members.

Kyeopta Server

The Kyeopta Server, with a member count reaching 10,000, focuses on sharing the cute and fun aspects of BTS. This community is especially active in sharing BTS-themed memes, GIFs, and other light-hearted content. The server is also known for its "Meme Wars" events, where members compete to create the funniest BTS-related memes. For a Discord user who enjoys the fun and playful side of BTS, the Kyeopta server can provide endless entertainment.

Cook VR Server

The Cook_VR Server stands out for its unique focus on the virtual reality experiences related to BTS. With a community of about 12,000 members, Cook_VR hosts regular VR events centered on BTS music videos and concerts. This server is the perfect place for tech-savvy fans who want to experience BTS in a unique, immersive way. Joining Cook_VR can offer a Discord user a novel way to engage with BTS content and fans.

BeyondTV Server

Finally, the BeyondTV Server is a bustling community with over 25,000 members dedicated to sharing and discussing BTS's TV appearances, interviews, and reality shows. The server organizes regular viewing parties and in-depth discussion sessions that allow fans to delve into the band's on-screen presence. For a Discord user keen on keeping up with BTS's television and online appearances, the BeyondTV Server is an essential resource.

How To Find BTS Servers Yourself:

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What type of content and activities can I expect from a BTS Discord server?

Some type of content and activities in a a BTS Discord server ranges from music videos, live performances, interviews, fan art, memes, and news updates about the band members.

Read on to find out more:

BTS Discord servers are diverse and vibrant communities where fans can engage in a plethora of activities related to the band. Content typically shared on these servers ranges from music videos, live performances, interviews, fan art, memes, and news updates about the band members. Activities can be varied as well, with many servers hosting viewing parties for new music video releases, karaoke events, trivia contests, and fanart competitions.

Discussions on these servers can cover a wide range of topics, from dissecting the lyrical meaning of a song to sharing thoughts about the band's latest interviews. Some servers even organize charity drives in the name of BTS, reflecting the band's philanthropic efforts. Essentially, these servers offer an immersive experience where fans can celebrate and appreciate BTS in a multitude of ways.

How do I engage respectfully and positively in a BTS Discord server?

Participating in a BTS Discord server is similar to any other online community – respect, positivity, and adherence to community guidelines are key. Start by familiarizing yourself with the server rules; these are typically pinned in an announcement or welcome channel. Rules can cover aspects like the type of content you can share, how to interact with others, and what language to use.

Ensure that you maintain respect for all members, avoid negative or derogatory comments, and respect the privacy of the band members. It's also important to stay on topic in specific channels. For example, if you're in a channel dedicated to discussing BTS's music, avoid bringing up unrelated subjects. Remember, these servers are spaces for fans to share their love for BTS, so contributing positively and constructively will help maintain a welcoming and engaging environment.


In a world where music transcends geographical boundaries and cultural divides, BTS has emerged as an epitome of this global confluence. Through their music, they have touched the hearts of millions, garnering a devoted fanbase that extends across the world. This article highlighted the top 10 BTS Discord servers, demonstrating how fans, lovingly known as the ARMY, connect and engage over the shared love for the South Korean septet.

Each servers, from the Karaoke Discord Server's joyous singing competitions to the Cook VR Server streaming parties, offers a unique space for fans to celebrate and appreciate BTS's artistry. Servers like BeyondTV Server delve deep into the band's content, encouraging fans to explore the impact of BTS's music.  However, as the world continues to evolve and expand its digital horizons, it's not just the world of music that benefits.  Platforms like offer advanced search engines that make finding servers.