Best Event Ideas on Discord (2023)

Best Event Ideas on Discord (2023)

Online communities are still thriving and developing in a world that is becoming more and more digital. Discord is a messaging app that was initially created for gamers, but it has now broadened to support a variety of different communities and hobbies.

Hosting events will be one of the most entertaining activities for communities on Discord in 2023. There have been a tonne of inventive and enjoyable events on Discord, from quiz nights to watch parties to gaming tournaments. Anybody may give their community members interesting, enjoyable, and engaging experiences by utilising the platform's features and resources.

Understanding Discord Events:

Discord events are organised get-togethers or activities that take place on a Discord server. They might be anything from modest internal group gatherings to big public gatherings with hundreds or even thousands of attendees. Discord events give attendees an immersive and participatory experience by utilising text, audio, video, and numerous bot integrations.

Any type of activity the host may imagine can be included in these gatherings, including gaming sessions, educational seminars, friendly competitions, live concerts, and much more. Understanding your community's interests and preferences, making appropriate plans, and utilising all of the resources Discord has are the keys to a successful event.

Gaming Tournaments:

Gaming competitions are among the top event suggestions for Discord. These competitions are among the most well-attended events, which is not surprising considering Discord's beginnings in the gaming community. It is simple to set up tournaments for any game your community enjoys thanks to the option to build specialised channels for different games.

Teams could strategize on their own speech channels for each game, and scores and updates could be shared via text channels. Think of creating a leaderboard and awarding prizes to the victors to further increase the appeal of these competitions. This could include bragging rights or tangible or intangible rewards.

From "Among Us" and "Minecraft" to "Call of Duty" and "League of Legends," famous tournament games include all of them. But keep in mind that the games you select should correspond to the tastes of your neighbourhood.

Trivia Nights:

Hosting a trivia night is an additional original concept for a Discord event. Members of your community may enjoy participating in trivia nights because they get the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of a variety of subjects and compete for the title of Trivia Champion.

To accommodate the interests of your community, you may organise the trivia event around a few distinct categories or topics. For instance, if your server is about movies, you might have a trivia night on movies. Likewise, if your server is about technology, you might concentrate on questions about technology.

Discord bots like TriviaBot, which can automate the process of asking questions and keeping score, can make trivia nights even more entertaining. This enables you to concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of organising the event.

TV/Movie Watch Parties:

Watch parties are a common way for groups of people to enjoy films and TV series in the era of online streaming. Discord's extensive speech and video capabilities make it the ideal platform for holding watch parties. You can organise watch parties that invite your community to participate in a shared viewing experience by using the Go Live feature or streaming bots.

It's crucial to pick a movie or TV show that your audience will enjoy if you want to conduct a successful watch party. Pre-show conversations, intermissions for comments and reactions, and a post-show chat to share thoughts and reviews might all be added to the event to make it more interesting.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions:

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions can be a great way to provide your Discord community with original content. AMAs are gatherings where a guest (often someone with fascinating or in-depth knowledge in a certain field) responds to queries from the community. The format offers a special chance for community members to speak with the visitor directly and learn information they might not typically have access to.

A successful AMA requires careful planning and marketing. You must make sure that your community will be interested in your guest and that there is enough time for them to prepare their questions.

How to Get People to Attend Your Discord Event:

Pre-event, during the event, and post-event are three phases that go into engaging attendees in your Discord event.

Your aim should be to raise interest and spread awareness of the event throughout the pre-event phase. Promote the event on your server and any additional social media sites that your community may utilise. On your server, you can also set up a special channel for events where users can talk about them and ask any questions they may have.

Your main attention during the event should be on facilitating participant interaction and making sure everything runs properly. Make sure to respond quickly to inquiries and problems that develop. Promote participation and maximise interactivity during the event.

Even though it's frequently disregarded, post-event involvement is equally important. After the event, ask attendees for their opinions. You can get their opinions by asking them what they enjoyed, disliked, and what they would want to see happen at future events. When organising your subsequent event, this feedback will be of utmost value.

Discord Event Enhancing Tools and Bots:

There are several tools and bots that may be used to administer and improve Discord events. Bots can automate a variety of event-related tasks, including reminders and participant management.

You can book events, send reminders, and even handle RSVPs with the aid of event management bots like Eventcord and Sesh. TriviaBot can run trivia evenings, and game bots like MEE6 or Tatsumaki can improve gaming tournaments.

By playing music in the background during intermissions or after the event, music bots like Rhythm or Groovy can improve the ambience of your event. CouchBot and other bots can announce streams for movie viewing parties.


What tactics can we employ to keep our Discord audience interested?

Discord is a potent platform for communicating with your audience, but in order to be successful, careful preparation and strategy are needed.

Here are some practical ways to interact with your Discord audience:

  1. Design a welcoming and well-organized server: Begin by designing a user-friendly server layout. Create distinct channels for various interests or topics to keep conversations focused and structured.
  2. Encourage your audience: to actively participate by asking questions, establishing conversations, and expressing their thoughts. Be receptive to their suggestions and foster an atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect.
  3. Organise fun events and competitions: in your Discord server to keep your audience interested and fired up. This might include everything from trivia contests to freebies to game evenings. Offer incentives or rewards to encourage participation.
  4. Use bots and automation: By offering helpful features and automating some tasks, bots can increase engagement. Use bots to deliver notifications, moderate discussions, create polls, or just for fun. Make sure that bots, however, are utilised sparingly and don't supplant human interaction.
  5. Offer exclusive content and benefits: To make your Discord community feel special, offer them exclusive content or benefits. Early access to new releases, behind-the-scenes information, exclusive Q&A sessions, or special discounts on your goods or services are a few examples of what this could entail.

How will we know if our Discord event was a success?

  1. Attendance and involvement: The number of attendees and their degree of participation during the event are two of the most evident markers of success. Count the number of attendees who showed up at the event and engaged in the discussions, exercises, or sessions. A successful event will have a higher attendance and more engaged participants.
  2. Feedback and satisfaction surveys: Reaching out to participants with feedback forms can give you important information about how satisfied they were with the event. Ask about the overall experience, the calibre of the sessions or content, and offer suggestions for improvement. You can determine the success of your event based on participant feedback by examining the survey responses.
  3. Post-event interactions and discussions: Keep an eye on the talks and exchanges taking place on your Discord channel following the event. An event has been successful if participants are talking about it, exchanging good memories, or interacting with one another. This demonstrates that the occasion had a long-lasting effect and helped attendees feel a feeling of community.
  4. Achieving event goals: Prior to your Discord event, set clear objectives for it. These objectives may involve promoting a certain commodity or service, generating leads, or raising brand awareness. Track pertinent indicators, like as website traffic, conversions, or social media mentions, to determine whether the event was effective in achieving these objectives.


Discord's flexible and dynamic platform stands out as we navigate the digital world of 2023 because it offers not only a place for communication but also a vibrant ecology of interactive entertainment. Users can weave a rich tapestry of unforgettable experiences specific to their own communities by hosting a variety of events, such as gaming tournaments, quiz evenings, watch parties, and AMAs, among others. These communal activities, made possible by Discord's cutting-edge tools and integrations, not only provide entertainment and engagement but also strengthen the ties between community members.

Understanding and addressing the interests of your community is essential to the success of these events. Events on Discord offer chances to build shared experiences, whether it's strategizing in the midst of a gaming competition, competing against one another during trivia nights, or watching a favourite movie together. Additionally, AMAs offer a venue for knowledge exchange, adding to the rich tapestry of content accessible on Discord. Each event type has unique characteristics that call for careful consideration and planning in order to maximise participation and pleasure.

Last but not least, participation shouldn't be limited to the event itself. The overall experience is greatly improved by pre- and post-event hype, which transforms a one-time event into an ongoing discussion. Additionally, the participant experience can be greatly improved by using the tools and bots offered by Discord and its ecosystem to streamline event management. These digital assistants have developed into indispensable tools for planning engaging and successful events, whether it be for reminding attendees, keeping track of game scores, or enhancing the atmosphere with some ambient music. Discord events continue to be a cutting-edge and alluring way to promote online community spirit and engagement as the digital age progresses.