Best Gaming Discord Servers (2023)

Best Gaming Discord Servers (2023)

Millions of people worldwide participate in a variety of gaming activities, making gaming an enduringly popular type of entertainment. There are various methods to enjoy this hobby, including on PC, consoles, mobile devices, and more. The gaming community has become closer than ever thanks to the popularity of online gaming, multiplayer games, and social gaming platforms. One such network that has gained enormous popularity among gamers is Discord, which offers a location for like-minded people to interact, communicate, and play games together. We'll look at some of the top gaming-focused Discord servers in this article and what they have to offer.

Top 10 Gaming Discord Servers:


Is a Discord server that focuses on, you guessed it, free games! This server is highly active and humming with activity, with over 8,800 members. Updates on the newest free games that are accessible on multiple platforms, including PC, console, and mobile, are routinely posted on the server. There are channels devoted to game suggestions, giveaways, and even employment opportunities in the gaming sector. Anybody wishing to increase their gaming library without breaking the bank should check out the FreeGames server.


A Discord server for the MMORPG community is called Elysium. This server, which has over 3,000 players, is a gathering place for players of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Guild Wars 2. The server has a number of channels, such as those for roleplaying, game discussions, and guild recruiting. Moreover, Elysium sponsors occasions like movie evenings, game nights, and giveaways. Elysium is a great place for MMORPG fans to make new friends, join a guild, and get lost in their favorite games.


A Discord server called GamingHub1 offers a wide range of games and genres. This server is highly busy and diverse, with over 2,500 users. The server contains channels for lesser-known and independent games in addition to channels for well-known games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Minecraft. GamingHub1 features channels for general chat, memes, and even music in addition to game-specific channels. Regular tournaments, gaming nights, and giveaways are held on the server. Whichever level of player you are, GamingHub1 is a great server to check out.


Gaming enthusiasts from all over the world can connect on the WorldwideDiscord Discord server. This server has a whopping 36,000 users, making it highly inclusive and diverse. The server contains channels for a variety of games and genres in addition to channels for conversations in other languages. Moreover, WorldwideDiscord sponsors occasions like gaming evenings, competitions, and giveaways. WorldwideDiscord is a great place to start if you're trying to interact with gamers from all around the world and broaden your horizons.


A Discord server called AssureOnTop is dedicated to games like Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Among Us that have enormous and vibrant communities. This server is highly active and energetic with over 170,000 members. The server features channels for each game as well as channels for memes and general conversation. Additionally, AssureOnTop hosts occasions like competitions, gaming evenings, and even talent showcases. AssureOnTop is a great server to join if you're trying to connect with other players who are as passionate about popular games as you are.


Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and The Sims fans can find ParadiseIsle, a Discord server, on there. This server is a warm and inviting community with over 310,000 users. Each game has its own channel on the server, along with channels for general conversation, artwork, and even a book club. Moreover, ParadiseIsle conducts seasonal parties, game nights, and island excursions. ParadiseIsle is a great place to unwind and meet others who share your interests in playing peaceful, meditative games.


League of Legends, Overwatch, and Valorant fans can find a Discord server called E-girl on which to hang out. This server is a hive of activity for the competitive gaming scene, with over 47,000 members. The server features channels for each game as well as channels for memes and general conversation. In addition, E-girl organizes giveaways, game evenings, and tournaments. E-girl is a great server to check out if you like the excitement of competitive gaming.


A Discord server called Tranquility caters to players that prefer to play games like Roblox, Terraria, and Minecraft. This server has a pleasant and friendly community with over 7,000 users. Each game has its own channel on the server, as well as channels for memes, general conversation, and even music. Also, Tranquility sponsors activities including construction contests, game nights, and raffles. Tranquility is a great server to join if you like to develop and be creative in games.

House Of Entertainment

House Of Entertainment is a Discord server that caters to gamers who enjoy fighting games, such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken. The community on this server is modest but devoted, with around 10,000 members. The server features channels for each game as well as channels for memes and general conversation. Tournaments, gaming nights, and even training sessions with professional athletes are events the UFC also sponsors. UFC is a great server to try out for gamers that like the challenge of fighting games.


A Discord server called MyRBX is geared toward gamers who like Roblox. This server, which has more than 20,000 participants, is a hive of activity for Roblox gamers. The server features channels devoted to different Roblox games as well as channels for memes and general conversation. Also, MyRBX sponsors occasions like game evenings, raffles, and even workshops for developing Roblox games. MyRBX is a great server to join for Roblox users who wish to interact with other users and discover more about game development.

How To Find Gaming Servers Yourself:

Gaming fans are not the only ones that use Discord as a platform to communicate with others who have similar interests. Users may find it challenging to locate Gaming discord servers on Discord that match their interests due to the abundance of these servers. In this situation, comes in helpful as the most sophisticated Discord search engine, giving users a strong tool to look for and find new Discord servers, especially ones devoted to Among Us.

⬆️ Gaming Tag

Users can easily find the server that meets their interests by searching for discord servers on the website using keywords or categories. Users only need to enter "Gaming " in the search field and choose "Discord servers" to find Gaming discord servers on This will display a list of the top Gaming discord servers on the network along with details about their membership, level of activity, and other pertinent data.

Users can locate the ideal Gaming discord server that suits their interests by filtering their search results on by language, region, and tags. Users can also order the results by relevancy, activity level, or the number of users on the server. Users may read comprehensive information about each server, including its rules, channels, and member count, when searching for Gaming discord servers on This is one of the site's key features. This enables users to learn more about the server and determine whether it aligns with their interests before joining.

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What are the best gaming Discord servers?

The best servers to join for Blox Fruits are MyRBX, Tranquility and Worldwide.

Read the description of why we selected each of these below to learn more.

Gamers all across the world utilize the highly regarded app Discord to interact and connect with one another. It has developed into a focal point for gaming communities where gamers can meet others who share their interests, talk about games, and even locate new gaming companions. Among the most well-known gaming Discords are:

  1. Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, and its official Discord server MyRBX is equally famous. The server, which has more than a 8,000 users, is a terrific location to make new friends, trade advice, and take part in competitions.
  2. Minecraft is a similarly well-liked game with a bustling Discord server. The server, Tranquility which has more than 1,500 users, is a terrific location to meet new teammates, talk about tactics, and take part in competitions.
  3. Worldwide One of the oldest and busiest gaming communities on the app, Minecraft's Discord server has been running for more than ten years. The server, which has more than 36,000 users, is a terrific location to make new friends, share your works, and take part in activities.

What are some tips for using Discord for gaming?

Discord is a well-known gaming communication tool that lets users converse with one another while playing games. Here are some pointers for gaming on Discord:

  1. Employ a Decent Mic and Headset: To ensure that your speech is clear and that you can hear other players, it is crucial to have a good mic and headset. This will facilitate communication and enhance your play experience as a whole.
  2. Establish a Server: You may either start your own server or join an already-existing one for your gaming group. You can communicate with other players using this, exchange screenshots, and plan your games.
  3. Arrange Channels: To make it simpler to find what you're looking for, group your channels by game or activity. Also, it will lessen clutter and confusion.
  4. Utilize Push-to-Talk: If you have a noisy environment or background noise, using push-to-talk can assist prevent others from hearing undesirable sounds.
  5. Utilize Text Channels: Text channels can be used to exchange information, links, and other resources in addition to speech channels. Those who are unable to use voice chat will still be able to participate thanks to this.


In conclusion, gaming is a popular and enduring form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Discord has become an essential platform for the gaming community to connect, chat, and game together. The top gaming-focused Discord servers offer a variety of activities, events, and opportunities for gamers to interact with like-minded individuals. From free games to MMORPG communities, competitive gameplay to peaceful and relaxing games, there is a Discord server out there for every type of gamer for example E-girl, Worldwide and ParadiseIsle are some great servers to join.

It can be overwhelming for gamers to find a gaming Discord server that suits their interests. However, provides a powerful tool for users to search and discover new servers based on keywords or categories. The site's filtering and ordering options allow users to find the ideal gaming Discord server that meets their preferences.

Discord offers several features that make gaming easier and more enjoyable, such as voice and text channels, server creation, and push-to-talk. A good mic and headset can enhance communication, and organizing channels by game or activity can help keep things tidy.

Overall, Discord has become an essential tool for gamers to connect, communicate, and game together. With the vast array of gaming-focused Discord servers available, gamers can find a community that suits their interests and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world.