Best NFT Discord Servers

Best NFT Discord Servers

Technology continually advances, bringing new opportunities and new ways of doing things, and one of the most transformational in the last decade has been Blockchain. While mostly known as the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is a highly flexible distributed ledger that has found applications as diverse as verifying art pieces and logistics management.

But one of the more recent developments of that Blockchain technology has been NFTs, digital assets with registered ownership and authenticity. Embraced by a variety of celebrities and businesses, most people understand NFTs to be images of some kind, and as headlines have told us, they can sell for incredible amounts of money.

But NFTs don’t necessarily need to be brand images, they can be a variety of different media, from audio clips to design proofs and more. Whatever form they take though, NFTs have shown that they are a fantastic investment opportunity that have proven to have the potential to make significant sums for those who find the right NFTs.

Which is why so many of us are interested in them today, but the challenge is finding the right NFT launch to invest in, or to spot new opportunities in the market and have the latest news is essential to make successful investments in NFTs. One of the best ways of getting all that information is through an NFT discord server, but like any subject there are hundreds of NFT discord communities to choose from, and that is where we come in. We can help you find NFT discord servers that offer quality information with friendly people and information that will help you make the most of the NFT opportunity.

Here are the best NFT discord servers that we have found for you to join.


A premium NFT discord server that offers a general take on the industry, with members interested in art, investing and more. Friendly and informative, this is a community that will help you find contacts and friends who share your interests, have interesting views and information about various NFT offers and so much more.

Its definitely a great option for anyone just wanting to get involved with a community that loves every aspect of NFTs and the technology behind them.

NFT Exotic

NFT Exotic a fantastic option for those looking to find NFT Discord servers to help them take the next step in NFTs and begin minting your own. Here you can browse what other creators and artists are putting out, and even sell your own NFTs you have produced.

Whether you are an artist, a developer looking for an artist to help you create NFTs or an investor looking for NFTs from new artists before they hit the market, this is an NFT Discord Server that will be well worth joining.


An NFT Discord community dedicated to music based NFT products, whether you are a creator or investor, this is the place to be for all audio enthusiasts. It can be difficult to find NFT servers for specialist topics, but if you are a musician wanting to use NFTs to grow your audience or make extra money, this is the perfect place.

Welcoming and full of like-minded creatives, it lets you create or purchase NFTs of songs, and as a result gain a share of royalties whenever the song is streamed, helping you build your music catalogue and an income at the same time.

New World Studio

An NFT Discord community formed by Web3 experts, New World Studio looks at new ways to use NFTs, Blockchain and more to create opportunities in the market, including how to bring NFTs and their earning potential into the Metaverse.

A great NFT Discord server for those who are learning about the technology that drives NFTs and other web3 style platforms, it gives insight into the potential for future uses of NFTs and a chance to get involved early in potential profitable opportunities.

Hello Moon

An NFT Discord community dedicated to helping every member achieve their goals through NFT and other DeFi technologies. You can chat with likeminded NFT enthusiasts, discover and share insights into the NFT market and upcoming opportunities and so much more.

With tools to track activity across every token, program and wallet system using Solana, it is an incredibly valuable resource that can help you maximize your investment in Solana NFTs.

Onteco, Futuverse™ on Mars

If you are more interested in how technology can reshape how we live than investing, then this NFT discord server is definitely one for you. A community of artists, gamers, investors, and scientists, including NASA members, this is one of the best NFT Discord servers around, and is built around a vision for how the technology could create a new future for humanity, on Mars.

Here you can learn more about NFTs and their potential, the way they can be integrated into other aspects of life and share a vision of a better way of living with others. It’s a unique look at NFT technology, and a fantastic community of people with incredibly interesting views and ideas. A place to learn and be inspired, you will grow to love this amazing NFT discord community.


NFTs are a unique opportunity that gives everyone the chance to be a part of new, rewarding opportunities, transforming how investment is accessed, removing expensive gatekeepers to put opportunities back under your control.

When you find NFT Discord Servers with great communities, not only can then help you make the most of any potential opportunity, but give you the tools to learn, understand and even create NFT solutions that deliver for all. You can find all that and more in NFT Discord servers like these and many more through, the most advanced Discord server list online today.

Get involved now and give them a try, you’ll see how they can be a benefit to your understanding and appreciation of NFTs, there are some great communities that you can be a part of too, just click join and start chatting and making new friends to make the most of the NFT market with.