Best War Thunder Discord Servers (2023)

Best War Thunder Discord Servers (2023)

War Thunder is an innovative mix of massively multiplayer online battles (MMO) and vehicular combat, a concoction that is appealing to a wide variety of gamers. The game was created by Gaijin Entertainment and has a wide selection of aircraft, ships, and land-based vehicles from the World War II and Cold War eras. Its vast and enthusiastic community is undoubtedly one of the most captivating features of the game, and the role that Discord servers play in bringing together these dedicated players is essential.

Top 10 War Thunder Discord Servers:

War Thunder

This Discord server is consistently ranked highly among the most active and well-known War Thunder communities on Discord. It is a buzzing hotbed of communication and the exchange of information due to the fact that it has more than 30,000 users. The server hosts weekly events in which players can form teams to engage in warfare against one another or compete against one another in tournaments to see who has the most skill. This server is open to all levels of War Thunder players, from novices to seasoned veterans, and provides them with a forum in which to discuss game updates, trade strategies, and share memorable moments from epic battles. Its popularity is a testimonial to the welcoming environment fostered by its members, as well as the spirit of cooperation that they exude.


The aircraft component of War Thunder is the primary focus of the WarBirds Discord channel, which can be found here. The number of members is consistently around 15,000, all of whom share an enthusiasm for the game's focus on aerial combat. This community has a strong emphasis on having ongoing events and user-created missions that revolve around aerial combat. This server also offers advice and guidance to its users on how to better their aerial plans and tactics, which enables those users to achieve greater success in the game.

Tank Command

Tank Command will accommodate your preference for ground combat if that's how you choose to fight. This server, which has approximately 10,000 users, is an ideal place for players who enjoy taking over tanks and engaging in intense ground combat because it gives a space where they can do both. Members receive helpful information to improve their gaming performance through participation in recurring events and discussions centered on strategies that are specialized to ground warfare. The loyal community of players on this server all have a passion for ground-based combat, which is shown in the server's high level of activity and popularity.


A little more than one thousand people are members of the Ustanza server, making it a more personal and cozy environment. The town is well-known for its warm and welcoming vibe in spite of the fact that its size is on the smaller end of the spectrum. The server regularly hosts entertaining events, such as competitions with prizes, in order to foster a spirit of healthy rivalry among its users. Because it is suitable for players of varying skill levels, it is a flexible option that can be utilized by any War Thunder player.


AWLGaming is a thriving gaming community that hosts a significant War Thunder division among its many gaming divisions. Over 5,000 users routinely participate in tactical debates, game updates, and general talks on the server, making it a hub of activity. In-game events taking place on a weekly basis, open to both recreational and competitive players, are also hosted on this server. The fact that it is so well-liked among players of War Thunder makes it an obvious pick for a lot of people who are seeking for an all-around gaming server.


War Thunder players who are looking for a more organized community can consider playing on the CDLT server because it is another excellent alternative available to them. This particular server has over 2,000 users, and it provides a wide variety of factions and roles that players can join according to their individual tastes. There are often competitions and events taking place within the game, and a friendly moderating staff is always available to assist newer players. Because the server offers a comprehensive training program for novices to War Thunder, it is an excellent place for players who are searching for a place to begin their experience with the game.


There are approximately 3,000 players on the Unimpressed_OFFICIAL War Thunder server, which is expanding at a rapid rate. The server is notable for its laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, with a primary emphasis placed on interaction within the community. Regular in-game events and competitions create an environment that is both fun and exciting, while comprehensive game instructions and the guidance of seasoned players are tools that are essential to both newbies to the game and those who have been playing for some time.

Squadron 20

The War Thunder server known as Squadron 20 is a flexible platform that supports all facets of the game, including naval combat, land combat with vehicles, and aerial combat. This server has more than 4,000 users and is especially well-liked for its active discussions, detailed manuals, and frequent squadron activities. The community in this location extends a warm welcome to both novices and seasoned players alike, providing an enhanced War Thunder experience for each and every member of the community.


The ThunderBolts server is designed for users that like to take their games to a more competitive level. This server, which has a player population of approximately 2,000, holds regular competitions and provides a stage for players who are interested in enhancing their abilities. Players are able to acquire an advantage in their War Thunder games by gaining insights into more advanced tactics and methods that are provided by the active community.

The Naval Warfare Enthusiasts server is an absolute must-visit for anyone who is particularly interested in the naval conflicts that are featured in War Thunder. This brings us to our final point. This server is seeing consistent growth and already has an active user base of over 1,500 users. It offers a venue for debates regarding naval combat, the exchange of tactical information, and friendly competition through the organization of events. This server has a welcoming community and a variety of information for players of all skill levels, so whether you're a seasoned captain or a sailor embarking on your maiden journey, you'll feel right at home here.

How To Find War Thunder Servers Yourself:

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How do I join a War Thunder Discord server?

Some ways you can join the War Thunder Discord server is you can manually search for the server on Discord. Click on the 'Add a Server' button.

Read on to find out more:

The process of joining a Discord server is simple. To begin, you must sign up for a Discord account. Create an account on the Discord website if you don't already have one. Once your account is set up, you have a few options for joining a server: If you have an invitation, you can start by clicking on the link directly. This will immediately add you to the server and prompt you to accept the invitation.

As an alternative, you can manually search for the server on Discord if you know the Server ID or the server name. The 'Add a Server' button, shown by a plus sign in the Discord interface's left sidebar, must be clicked before selecting the 'Join a Server' option. You can enter the server name or ID here, then select "Join." Keep in mind that every server has a different set of rules. To keep a gaming community that is wholesome and respectful, be sure to get to know them.

Why should I join a War Thunder Discord server? What benefits will it offer me?

Your gaming experience will be significantly improved if you join a War Thunder Discord server. It links you up with a larger group of War Thunder-loving players from around the globe. These servers can offer a wide range of advantages:

  1. Interaction in the Community: You have access to a community where you may share your gaming adventures, memorable moments, and more.
  2. Learning and Growth: These servers are a treasure trove of information, where experienced players often share tactics, strategies, and updates about the game, helping you improve your gameplay.
  3. Events & Competitions: Numerous servers often hold competitions and events. These provide you the chance to put your talents to the test, compete with other players, and have fun.


In conclusion, War Thunder Discord servers add a critical social element to the game, breaking down geographical barriers and facilitating a global community of enthusiastic gamers. They offer platforms for players to learn, compete, socialize, and most importantly, have fun. By joining these servers, you're not just stepping into a game; you're becoming a part of a global community united by a shared passion for War Thunder.

War Thunder is a fantastic game that offers players everywhere the visceral sensation of military mobile battle. Its combination of MMORPG conflicts and a wide range of airplanes, ships, and ground vehicles delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that appeals to both history lovers and thrill-seekers. The dynamic and enthusiastic community of War Thunder is one of the distinguishing qualities of the game. servers can help with this by offering platforms that encourage player interaction, teamwork, competitiveness, and companionship.