Discord Easter Eggs

Discord Easter Eggs
Photo by Kate Remmer / Unsplash

Besides allowing you to interact with people around the globe, build community, make new friends, and much more, Discord is a platform full of small details, well-known Easter Eggs, and hidden aspects of the application that grant you access to references from other contexts. Today we'll explore some of Discord's easter current easter eggs.

Profile Customization Pencil

This year Discord launched the profile feature, with it you can create an About Me section in your profile, with Nitro you'll be able also to set a custom banner, as well as colors, and even set a version of all the mentioned per servers! Of course, this is not the easter egg we will discuss, but it has to do with the profile editing. When editing your profile, a timer will start running, once this timer hits an hour, you'll see the pencil go mad!

Nitro Wumpus

On your server, head to a Nitro Boost notification message and hover multiple times. After a few rounds of confetti explosions, you'll see a Wumpus wave at you! 👀 You may see it appear from different parts of your screen.

404 Snek

Without a doubt, 404 pages are known by almost everyone, we have visited an unexistent page at least once in our lifespan. Unlike most of these, Discord's 404 page holds an easter egg within itself and it couldn't be less fun than a classic such as Snake arcade! This isn't the only easter egg here, the game is particularly named such by one of Discord's developers, Snek.

Street Fighter - Raging Demon

To access this easter egg you'll need to open the shortcuts help tab by pressing Ctrl + / or Cmd + / (for Mac) . Once there, press the keys H H → N K and you'll see an animation alluding to Akuma's Ultra Combo "Shun Goku Satsu" known by many as the Raging Demon from the Street Fighter series.


On your computer client, open Discord and click 16 times the Discord icon that leads to your Direct Messages. Once you've reached this number, you'll hear "Discordo", which will be the exact same effect you'll hear whenever you launch the application. To disable this option click on the icon 16 times again and the effect will be disabled.

Developer Documentation

If you visit the Discord Developers Documentation, more specifically the Rate Limits article, just before the exceeded rate limit response you'll see a colon, if you click on it you'll see a cool rocket animation, which you can convert into Nyan Cat if you wish!


This is just a sneak peek at Discord's land of secrets! Did you know all of these easter eggs? Which others do you think we should have mentioned? Make sure to check all of our other blog posts and don't hesitate to come and say hi at our support server!