Discords.com 4.0 Update

Discords.com 4.0 Update

We have finished Discords.com 4.0. This update includes features and design improvements to perfect our server, emoji, and profile list. We are and continue to be the place for everything Discord.

Activity is King

Have you searched through a server list, clicked, joined a community, and then it's dead, with no chats? That is an annoying outcome and wastes your time.

We have fixed that issue by displaying the activity rating of servers on the card and server pages. We will start hiding inactive servers from our results, greatly improving users' experience finding communities through Discords.com. These are the ratings for activity:

Active++ | The community has messages consistantly throughout the day.

Active | The community has some messages every day.

Inactive | The community does not have messages every 12-hour interval.

For server owners: this system fundamentally changes sorting on our list. Servers marked as Inactive will start being hidden from search and tag results.

NOTE: This update does not affect premium servers. Premium subscribers will continue having their community promoted FIRST.  

Privacy Note: We are not storing message content (nor do we have access to this from Discord). We are only storing the number of messages per day in servers with our bot added.

Owners Network (formally secret society) Re-Launch:

If you own a large server with 5,000+ members and high activity, you will receive a one-time invite into an owner's network server. Visit your dashboard, and you will see a popup with the invite.

This server will be a place for large bot/server owners to discuss and coordinate collaboration. It will be the place for influence on Discord.

Discord.bio 2.0:

We have completely re-designed the bio part of our website into an improved user interface.

New Bio Cards:

New Bio Page:

New Premium Payment Method

We have added Stripe as an accepted payment method for server list premium subscriptions. We hope this helps people who are in countries banned by PayPal.

Improved Design:

a) New filter design for search and tag pages:

b) New mobile and desktop headers:

c) New server page designs:

Special Thanks:

Shoutout to the amazing staff team that continues to develop, maintain, and grow Discords.com. The people I have met who have co-led this project have been the best part, too many people to thank here, but you know who you are.

Special thanks to @alula for leading the development and making this update possible.