Discord Server Search Engine

Discord Server Search Engine

Discord is a fantastic tool, growing from a basic app to talk to teammates when hardly any games had their own chat systems, to the amazing, multi-feature platform it is today. A place where you can find enthusiastic and welcoming communities for just about any interest you can think of.

Whether it’s your favorite game or music, brands you enjoy or just a love of funny memes, there are hundreds of thousands of good Discord servers out there full of people who share an interest in the same things you do. With so many Discord public servers out there, each home to amazing groups always looking for others to join in with the fun, the problem is knowing how to find the one that fits you best.

Discord itself offers some search functions, but there is no granularity to allow you to make a complex Discord servers search with several parameters such as member numbers and so on. That is where Discords.com comes in, giving you the tools to find not just the communities discussing your favorite topic, but then find the good Discord servers among them.

Find Discord servers in just a few seconds with Discords.com

The first thing you notice with the search page on Discords.com is just how quickly you can find a list of Discord public servers related to your interest. Just visit the search page and enter the topic, band, game or anything else you are looking for into the search box. Press the search button and you will be presented with hundreds of servers all related to your topic.

Largest Search Index: Discords.com

For some subjects, it can be easier than that. Discords.com uses a tag system to allow you to quickly find all servers for a specific tag. Underneath the search box is a list of the most commonly used tags, with many more revealed by clicking the ‘More tags’ button. With tags, instead of typing your topic into the search bar, you just click on the tag you want, and you will find Discord servers related to that tag presented to you instantly.

Whether you are looking for a gaming Discord server, a Tech community or whatever, with these two methods you can quickly find a list of Discord public servers that should be of interest to you. Of course, there won’t be tags for some topics, so the search bar is the only option, but tags are always being added to make your searches even quicker.

In fact, being able to quickly get a list of Discord communities associated with a topic is only a small part of why you should use Discords.com to search Discord servers.

Filter your Discord servers and search for better results

The key to using Discords.com to find Discord servers is the filter system. Once you have your server list for the topic, you will find a set of three filters underneath. Here you can filter by relevancy to your search, by the most or least members, most voted for or least voted for. You can even sort by the most or least boosted to see which are being actively promoted. This allows you to quickly refine the search order to prioritize the things you want.

The second filter allows you to select what language you want, removing search results that use languages you are not fluent in for instance. This makes the search results more relevant to your needs too. Finally, the member count filter, which is a great way to find a community you will feel comfortable in. Sometimes it can be great to be there at the start of a Discord public server, and you may want that by setting the filter to find discord servers with just a few members. On the other hand, if you are looking for guidance, then a busier server with active chat may be what you want. In that case, filter to search Discord servers that have an established, large community that will have more going on.

In this way, you can narrow down a search on even the most popular topics to a list of good Discord servers for your needs. It is this ability to refine searches, such as filtering any NSFW servers, that sets Discords.com apart. It is the only Discord servers search platform that allows you to really dig down into the results to find the communities you are looking for with such ease.

Our choice of good Discord servers

With millions of servers out there, when you search Discord servers you need those tools to find the best options for you. But to get you started, here are three servers we think are some of the best communities online right now.

Social Heaven

With over 150,000 members and well over 10,000 active most of the day, this is a vibrant, friendly community for those who want to meet new people. Sections for gaming, social and dating make it a great place to make friends and more, but it also hosts giveaways, fun contests and prizes. Whatever your interests, there is something here for all, the new member welcome is great and there isn’t endless spam that you can get on some busy servers.

If you are looking for a general Discord public server to chat about anything you may be interested in, this server is one of the best.


Another huge community that covers just about every topic you can think of, Dadscord has close to half a million members, with around 30,000 online at any given time. That means chat is always active, with regular competitions and giveaways to keep people on the server. Whether you like gaming, anima, music or pretty much anything else you can think of, there are channels to talk about it, alongside a dating section if that is your kind of thing.

One of the most active servers on Discord, it manages to stay friendly and manageable too.

Playboy Carti

If music is your thing, this is one of the best Discord servers for talking about music of all kinds, along with a range of subjects including gaming, hobbies and other topics. Over 150,000 members make it one of the biggest music communities on Discord, and a great, friendly place to be, with channels to chat and discuss your favorite bands, making music yourself and so much more.


Whatever you are interested in there are Discord servers alive with people as enthusiastic as you are, the problem has always been finding good Discord servers that meet your needs. But with Discords.com offering not just fast, comprehensive searches, but easy ways to filter that search to find the right kind of server for you, now everyone can have the perfect Discord public servers for their interests.