What is a Discord Server?

What is a Discord Server?

When we enjoy something, it is human nature to want to share it with others, and in the digital world, that usually means finding other people to talk about and share ideas with online. One of the best and most popular apps for this is Discord, but while it has been a standard app for online gaming for years, many of us today are asking what is Discord, and how can they help us enjoy our hobbies and interests even more?

What is Discord?

If you have played any popular video game in the last few years, you will have probably heard people talking about Discord servers. Discord started life as a communications app for gamers, allowing for real time voice and text communications in a closed group.

Adopted by players of popular online multiplayer games, everything from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty, it initially meant that groups of gamers playing together could use audio communications to talk and coordinate their gameplay at a time where few games included that ability natively.

Since then, Discord has grown considerably, and is home to communities covering everything from K-Pop bands to model making, music production to NFTs and almost any topic you can think of. It supports audio, text and video content, both direct communications to other members of a group and publishing content to share with others whenever they want.

What is a Discord server?

Discord severs are private groups, usually dedicated to talking about a specific topic. While in the early days, this would be a guild, group or dedicated game, today it could be anything. There are Discord servers dedicated to specific bands, individual celebrities, online streamers, hobbies, sports, teams and almost anything you can think of.

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Each server is home to a community of members, you have to join the server to be able to join in with the conversations games, giveaways and anything else going on within that community. Each community runs itself, with admins setting local rules and ensuring that members follow them. This means that a Discord server is much less random than most social media sites, you can get to know the people in your server community, make friends and have ongoing conversations. Importantly, any problems and there are actual people there to help sort things out.

Once you join servers through searching on Discords.com, the app can alert you to messages and other events on a server, all set in your own preferences, meaning that once you have joined a few Discord servers you can have all your communities for your favorite things together in a single app.

Why Choose a Discord Server?

You may be wondering why people would go for yet another app, rather than simply use the social media accounts they already have. After all, there are communities on Facebook, Twitter and so on for most things too, but it is how these things work that make Discord so good for your hobbies and interests.

Unlike other social media platforms, there are no algorithms that put useless information from people you have never heard of in your feed. You won’t be bombarded with ads for the latest movies, drugs and whatever else is paying the bills that month, you won’t have to wade through endless ‘recommendations’ of things some AI systems is sure you are really interested in.

You open the Discord app, it has a list of the Discord servers you have joined, and you can select each in turn and go to the various rooms and posts that matter to you. Not only that, you can tailor notifications from each Discord server individually, whether you want to know when someone mentions or replies to you personally, or every time a post is made. You can mute rooms, conversations and servers at will, and ensure that you only get the information you are interested in.

Compared to the way other social media platforms perform these days, it is a breath of fresh air, and you can easily see why so many are using Discord to find and be a part of communities when it comes to their hobbies and interests. You get all the things you love, and nothing else.

How to find a Discord Server?

With so many communities built around almost every subject you can think of, finding the right Discord servers that match your interests can seem like a challenge. Luckily there are options, with Discords.com having the best search engine of them all, and the ability to join a Discord server right from the search.

Discords.com is the answer to how to find Discord servers for anything. Just type in your interest, preferred language and even how many members the server has, and you will get a list od the very best servers about the subject. You can even filter between 18+ only and all ages servers, depending on what you prefer.

You can join a server right from the search, just click join to launch your app and get involved, its super simple to use for everyone.

What is Discord Used For?

Once you have found communities related to your interests, you may be wondering what is Discord used for. The answer is, pretty much anything you want. From chatting with others using text to talking in real time via audio or video, it is a great communication tool, but its more than that too.

You can post content to share with members of your community, Discord servers can host games and competitions, award prizes and so much more. Whatever you can think of for talking and sharing an interest with other members of the server, you can do that with Discord.

Discord began life as a way for players to talk and communicate outside of their favorite game, and while today it has many more features and huge numbers of users, at its heart, Discord remains the same. A place where you can share the things you love with others who enjoy those things too.

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