Best Art Discord Servers (2023)

Best Art Discord Servers (2023)

Art is a medium that is as diverse as the individuals who create it. It is a creative language that gives voice to the human soul, allowing emotions, ideas, and narratives to transcend borders and bridge cultural divides. With the advent of digital technology, new avenues have emerged for artists to connect, learn, collaborate, and share their work. One such avenue is Discord, a chat platform that has become a haven for countless online communities. Whether you're an experienced artist looking for likeminded peers, a beginner seeking guidance, or simply an art lover, Discord's art servers offer a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Top 10 Art Discord Servers:

Social Art

With over 100,000 members, Social is one of the most popular art Discord servers. It's a bustling hub where artists, art enthusiasts, and people interested in socializing congregate. This server hosts regular art events such as contests and challenges, which can range from weekly sketch prompts to larger themed competitions. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for members to share their creations, while a system of constructive feedback encourages personal growth and development. Social's inclusive and respectful atmosphere, combined with its wealth of resources, makes it a great place for both beginners and established artists.

Paw Art

Paw is a friendly and welcoming art Discord server with a strong focus on animal and creature design. With a membership count in the tens of thousands, Paw has become a haven for artists passionate about creatures of all shapes and sizes. They offer regular creature design workshops and host monthly art prompts that engage the community. Members can share their work in various galleries, ask for advice, and take part in lively discussions on animal anatomy, design, and more. Whether you're a professional creature designer or a casual doodler, Paw has something to offer.


Blossom stands out as an art server with a calming aesthetic and a community dedicated to promoting positive vibes. Boasting tens of thousands of members, this server is both active and engaging. They host art competitions, movie nights, game nights, and Q&A sessions with professional artists. Blossom is known for its warm and supportive community where artists can freely express themselves, receive feedback, and grow as creatives. The server also offers resources for mental health, reminding members to care for their well-being alongside their artistic growth.

Paradise Isle

With a member count in the thousands, Paradise Isle is a smaller, more intimate art community. The server has an island theme, offering a relaxing, holiday-like atmosphere for its members. Regular art prompts, critique sessions, and chill-out events foster a tight-knit, collaborative environment. Paradise Isle is perfect for those who prefer smaller communities and enjoy getting to know fellow members on a more personal level. Despite its size, it's a lively server where the passion for art is palpable.

Kori Art

Kori is an art server with a focus on manga and anime style. With tens of thousands of members, the server is active, with a strong sense of community. Kori hosts regular manga-related events, drawing sessions, and workshops. The server provides ample opportunity for members to share their artwork, receive feedback, and learn from each other. Whether you're a manga artist, an anime fan, or just curious about the style, Kori offers a supportive environment to delve into this particular art form.

Mashiro Art

Mashiro is an art server dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community for all kinds of artists. With a member count nearing the tens of thousands, this server is known for its diversity and inclusivity. Mashiro hosts regular art contests, art-sharing sessions, and provides resources for artists of all levels. The friendly atmosphere encourages learning and growth, making it an excellent server for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Boba Express Art

Boba Express combines art and a love for bubble tea into a unique and thriving server with thousands of members. They host regular art contests, bubble tea themed events, and social hangouts. The server encourages both creativity and camaraderie, fostering a supportive and enthusiastic community of artists and boba enthusiasts. With art prompts, feedback channels, and a friendly atmosphere, Boba Express offers a unique blend of art and fun.


Lagoon18 offers a warm, inviting environment where artists can share their work, offer and receive critiques, and engage in art-focused discussions. With a few thousand members, Lagoon18 hosts regular art challenges, live drawing sessions, and fun community events such as game nights. It's the perfect server for those seeking a smaller, more close-knit community with a shared love for art.

Shadow Garden

Shadow Garden is a haven for digital artists and enthusiasts with a dark, ethereal aesthetic. This server, home to thousands of members, regularly hosts art challenges and provides resources for digital art, tutorials, and constructive critique. Shadow Garden fosters an atmosphere of creativity and respect, encouraging members to delve into their darker, more fantastical art styles. It's a great community for artists who enjoy exploring their unique artistic voice.

Indominus Legion Art

Indominus Legion is an art server dedicated to the world of fantasy art, concept art, and illustration. This server, with thousands of members, is perfect for artists who have an interest in these areas. It offers regular art challenges, resources for learning, and areas for artists to share and critique each other's work. The atmosphere is supportive and friendly, making it a great place for those interested in the world of fantasy and concept art.

How To Find Art Servers Yourself:

Discover the best Art Severs with's advanced search engine, utilizing the Art Tag for optimal results.

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⬆️ Art Tag

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How do I choose the best Art Discord server for me?

Choosing the right Art Discord server for you comes down to your specific interests and needs as an artist or art enthusiast.

Read on to find out more:

Firstly, consider the type of art you're interested in. Are you a digital artist or traditional artist? Do you focus on manga and anime, or are you more into realism or abstract art? Are you interested in a specific theme, like fantasy or nature? Different servers cater to different niches and styles, so you might find some more relevant to your interests than others.

Secondly, consider the size of the server. Some people thrive in large, bustling communities, while others prefer smaller, more intimate settings. If you're looking for a wide variety of perspectives and active discussions at any time, a larger server like Shadow Garden or Indominus Legion Art might be a good fit. If you prefer a more close-knit community where you can get to know your fellow members better, a smaller server like Paradise Isle or Lagoon18 might be more appealing.

Are there any etiquette rules or guidelines I should follow on Art Discord servers?

Yes, each Discord server has its own set of rules and guidelines that are usually provided in a dedicated channel when you join. It's important to read these rules thoroughly and follow them to maintain a positive and respectful environment.

Some general rules include not spamming the chat, respecting others' opinions, and not sharing inappropriate content. Constructive criticism is often encouraged, but it's important to offer it in a respectful, considerate manner. Avoid unsolicited critiques unless a member explicitly asks for it. Remember, everyone is at a different stage in their artistic journey.

Another common guideline is to use the appropriate channels for your posts. For example, a critique should be posted in a critique channel, not a general chat channel. This helps keep the server organized and ensures that your posts reach the right audience.


Art, as we have come to understand, is not just an expression but a mode of communication, a language that gives form to thoughts, emotions, and narratives, bridging gaps across cultures and geographical borders. The technological advancements of the 21st century have given art a new stage, a global platform where artists can showcase their work, collaborate with fellow creators, and learn from each other. One such platform that has gained massive popularity in recent years is, which hosts a plethora of online communities dedicated to art.

Paradise Isle stands out as one of the most populous and engaging servers, creating a lively atmosphere with regular events, an extensive platform for sharing art, and a system that promotes learning and growth. Shadow Garden offers a niche for those passionate about creature design, while Social Art provides a safe space for artists to grow in a positive and supportive environment.

For the fans of the darker, ethereal aesthetic, Kori Art offers an intriguing opportunity to delve into the fantastical aspects of digital art. Paw Art, meanwhile, caters to the lovers of fantasy and concept art, making it a go-to place for artists and fans of these genres.