Best Emoji Discord Servers (2023)

Best Emoji Discord Servers (2023)

In recent years, emoji have grown to be an essential component of online communication. These tiny, vibrant icons effectively and visually communicate feelings, reactions, and even complete words. Emoji usage has been warmly welcomed by Discord, a well-known chat service that lets users design and share their own unique emoticons on its servers. This article will discuss the top "emoji" Discord servers, which provide a wide variety of distinctive emojis and a thriving user community.

Top 10 Emoji Discord Servers:


This server is dedicated to providing its members with a wide variety of lewd and NSFW emojis. It is one of the biggest servers of its sort with more than 18,000 members. Members can request custom emojis from the server's talented designers, and the server often conducts events like emoji design competitions and game evenings. The server's enormous selection of emoticons, which range from adorable to downright sinister, is a tribute to its popularity.


A variety of emojis, from adorable animals to anime characters, are available on the Like service. It is a vibrant community with over 109,000 members and a variety of channels to explore. The server frequently organizes gatherings for its members, such as movie evenings and game nights. For people who want to use a range of emojis to express themselves, Like is a superb server.


Sinful is a server that caters to those who enjoy lewd and NSFW emojis. It is one of the biggest NSFW emoji servers on Discord with over  427,000 users. The community is quite active, with members frequently uploading their favorite emojis and participating in spirited conversations. The server's emojis range from charming to downright sexual. For those who want to exhibit their more risqué side, Sinful is an excellent server.


Assureontop is a server that focuses on giving its users the best bespoke emojis possible. It is a smaller server than others on this list, with around 169,000 members, but its emojis are excellent. Members can request unique emojis, and the server's creators are always coming up with new ones. Those who desire distinctive and excellent emojis for their own servers might check out Assureontop.


Is a service that specialized in explicit content, including NSFW emojis, as the name suggests. It is a tiny server with over 25,000 members, but it provides a large selection of adult emojis. Members of the community on the server can take part in activities like game evenings and movie nights. Those who wish to add adult emoticons to their talks will love the Adultvids server.


Social is a server that provides its users with a huge selection of emoticons, ranging from adorable animals to well-known memes. It is a smaller server with around 278,000 members, but it is quite active and has a welcoming community. The server regularly arranges activities for its users, including karaoke and game evenings, as well as giveaways. Social is a fantastic server for users who wish to socialize and engage in enjoyable chats.

Egirls 18+

This server, whose name is a string of numbers, is a popular server that offers a wide variety of emojis, including anime and gaming-themed emojis. It is a modest server with more than 21,000 members, but it is quite active and has a welcoming community. The emojis on the server are of a good standard, and users frequently share their personal favorites. For fans of anime and video games who wish to use emoticons to express themselves, this server is a terrific option.

e-girl invasion

Don't be put off by the fact that this server also has a name that is made up of a series of digits. It is a modest server with around 388,000 members, but it has a fantastic selection of emojis. Cute animals, well-known jokes, and pop-culture allusions are among the emojis available on the service. Members frequently share their favorite emojis and participate in spirited debates in the welcoming and active community. Those who want access to a wide selection of emojis should choose this server.

Chill Heaven

Emotes is a server that focuses on giving its users access to premium bespoke emojis. It is a modest server with over 565,000 users, but its emojis are excellent. Members can request unique emojis, and the server's creators are always coming up with new ones. For people that desire distinctive and premium emojis for their own servers, Emotes is an excellent server.

Blossom Empire

This server has a large selection of emojis, ranging from adorable animals to anime characters. It is a tiny server with around 108,000 players, but the community is lively and welcoming. The server regularly holds activities for its users, including movie and game evenings, as well as giveaways. For people who want to use a range of emojis to express themselves, Blossom Empire is a fantastic server.

How To Find Emoji Servers Yourself:

Emoji fans are not the only ones that use Discord as a platform to communicate with others who have similar interests. Users may find it challenging to locate Emoji discord servers on Discord that match their interests due to the abundance of these servers. In this situation, comes in helpful as the most sophisticated Discord search engine, giving users a strong tool to look for and find new Discord servers, especially ones devoted to Among Us.

⬆️ Emoji Tag

Users can easily find the server that meets their interests by searching for discord servers on the website using keywords or categories. Users only need to enter "Emoji " in the search field and choose "Discord servers" to find Emoji discord servers on This will display a list of the top Emoji discord servers on the network along with details about their membership, level of activity, and other pertinent data.

Users can locate the ideal Emoji discord server that suits their interests by filtering their search results on by language, region, and tags. Users can also order the results by relevancy, activity level, or the number of users on the server. Users may read comprehensive information about each server, including its rules, channels, and member count, when searching for Emoji discord servers on This is one of the site's key features. This enables users to learn more about the server and determine whether it aligns with their interests before joining.

Find More Emoji Servers: Emoji Tag


The best emojis in discord servers are PogChamp, Gootecks, FeelsBadMan and Kappa.

Read the description of why we selected each of these below to learn more.

People, groups, and communities all across the world utilize the well-liked chat and communication application Discord. Emoji use is one of the aspects of Discord that makes it fun to use. Emojis are digital symbols used to represent ideas, emotions, and reactions. Emojis are used in Discord to express feelings, attitudes, and reactions in chat, enhancing the interaction and interest of discussions. We'll include some of the most used emoticons on the Discord server in this article.

  1. PogChamp: The most often used emoji on the Discord server, PogChamp is used in chat to convey excitement and hype. A professional Street Fighter player named Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez is depicted in the image, his face showing expressions of surprise and delight.
  2. FeelsBadMan: The emoji that represents melancholy, disappointment, or regret is called FeelsBadMan. It has a Pepe the frog face on it that is forlorn and downcast.
  3. Kappa: The emoji for sarcasm or irony is kappa. Former staffer Josh DeSeno's face can be seen on it making a smirk.

Are there any restrictions for using emojis on Discord?

Emojis are a popular form of user expression on the messaging app Discord. However, there are a few limitations when utilizing emojis on Discord that users should be aware of  First off, each Discord server is only allowed to have 50 custom emojis. As a result, you will need to delete a few of the current emojis to make room for the new ones if you wish to utilize more than 50 unique emojis.

Second, there are emoji usage rules in the Discord community. According to these rules, emojis must not be used to harass or threaten other people, to spread hate speech or discriminatory practices, or to break any laws or rules. If a user disobeys these rules, they could receive a warning or get banned.

It's also vital to remember that not all audiences may be acceptable for all emojis. Emoji users should be aware of the context in which they use them and take into account the emotions and reactions of other people.


In conclusion, emojis have become a crucial component of internet communication, facilitating the visual expression of feelings and ideas. Popular chat platform Discord has adopted the use of emojis, allowing users to create and share their own own emoticons on its servers. The top 10 emoji Discord servers have been examined in this post, with special attention paid to their unique emojis and vibrant user bases. These sites, which cater to the different interests of users, include Sinfulegirls and Blossom Empire, and offer a large selection of emoticons, ranging from cute animals to vulgar and NSFW emojis.

Also, the article offers instructions on how to use, a sophisticated Discord search engine, to locate emoji Discord servers. On the website, users may search for Discord servers using keywords or categories to make it simpler for them to find servers that interest them. The popularity of emoji Discord servers is evidence of the value of visual communication in the digital age, and these servers give users a platform for creative expression and social interaction with like-minded people.

Generally speaking, the increase in emoji Discord servers is a reflection of a larger trend in online communication toward expressive and visual language. Emoji usage will only increase and develop as people depend more and more on digital platforms for communication, giving people a rich and dynamic vocabulary to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.